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Bump up your fitness regimen and get your sweat on

All our classes are taught in a state-of-the art environment with a heating and humidifying system that maintains the optimum atmosphere to tone, burn, and sculpt your body. This system brings in freshly oxygenated air and regulates the temperature inside the studio at 100 degrees. Now that’s hot!

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Body Heat Hot Pilates for Strength

Hot Pilates

Build flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance - Pilates emphasizes core stability, breathing, and improves coordination and balance. Our classes will have you sweating through the smiles

relax and de-stress Pilates


Move through a series of challenging yet invigorating poses to stretch, tone, and flex muscles throughout your entire body. Then relax and de-stress in our candlelight restorative yoga class.

Body Heat Bootcamp


Designed to get your heart pumping, Bootcamp incorporates total body high intensity movement to increase strength, endurance and flexibility in a fun group environment.