Cold Plunge

Cold Plunge Yoga (includes 3 minutes per session) Revitalize and Renew by submerging your body in an ice bath with meditation & breathing exercises. Provides multi-beneficial response which triggers the body’s natural healing process in just 3 minutes.
Some benefits include:

TheraLight 360 Bed

Step in our TheraLight 360 Plus bed and engage in a 12 minute yoga meditation while gaining the benefits of red light therapy.

Whole body red light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation therapy (PBM), is a safe and relaxing treatment that has been shown to enhance the body’s natural processes for metabolizing free radicals and minimizing the damage they cause. This boost in the body’s natural healing cycle helps reduce inflammation and promotes healing of damaged tissue. PBM has also been shown to increase the rate and quality of tissue repair, improve muscle performance, enhance recovery, and reduce pain with no known negative side effect.

TheraLight 360 Plus can be used to manage a variety of conditions, such as:

Infrared Sauna

During an Infrared Sessions student lay down in a ClearLight Sauna for up to 20 minutes while listening to relaxing music and engaging in their own private favorite yoga poses while gaining the benefits of the Infrared sauna.

Infrared saunas are increasingly popular for a number of reasons including the numerous health benefits and they just make you feel good! What exactly is an infrared sauna?

Infrared Wavelengths
The sun produces a combination of visible and invisible light, and one of those invisible spectrums is infrared rays. Invisible infrared wavelengths are what makes the sun feel warm (and ultraviolet wavelengths are what makes it bright). Scientists have established that infrared waves are beneficial to the human body as they increase the thermal energy in the body. Infrared does this without any of the harmful rays of sunlight.
There are three main categories of the infrared spectrum: near infrared, mid infrared, and far infrared.
What is an Infrared Sauna?
While we call our Clearlight Infrared models “Saunas”, they are really infrared therapy cabins. It just so happens that the sauna environment is a great environment to deliver infrared as you are not wearing any clothing and you are surrounded by the infrared heat. The black panels you see inside the sauna are our True Wave® far infrared heaters. In our Sanctuary sauna models, the silver front heaters are our True Wave full spectrum heaters offering near, mid and far infrared.
Rather than use steam or the traditional “box of hot rocks” heating elements, the infrared sauna heaters use the infrared spectrum listed above to promote relaxation and other wellness benefits. In an infrared sauna, the air temperature is less important than the quality of the infrared heat. Just warm up your Clearlight® infrared sauna for about 15 minutes and get in. You will warm up with the sauna. As your body absorbs the infrared heat, this will increase thermal energy inducing a deep and relaxing sweat. Using your infrared sauna at lower temperatures means you can stay in longer and get more benefit.
Some benefits include:

Compression Therapy

Compression boots have gained great popularity among athletes who are looking to accelerate recovery time and for those who are looking to add one more piece to the health optimization puzzle. Compression boots use sequential pressure from the bottom up to help improve blood and lymph fluid circulation. The result is improved removal of toxins and lymphatic fluid, improved tissue repair, and overall enhanced recovery and performance.
Some benefits include: