Graduates Testimonial


I began practicing hot yoga in June, 2012 at Body Heat Yoga & Pilates.

As my personal practice Improved, one of the instructors suggested that I take a YTT course to deepen my practice. Slowly, the idea began to root in my spirit. Ultimately, I learned that Heba would offer a 200 hour YTT certification at Body Heat in the fall of 2013. Without hesitation I delved right in and immersed myself in yoga teacher training. Undoubtedly this has been an experience of a lifetime “my lifetime!”

I am at the phase of my life where my children are now adults, thus availing more free time to explore my own personal interests. One of the unexpected lessons has been the re-awakening of my spiritual practice. I was introduced to The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (Heba assigned reading) where I learned of Swami Satchidananda, he termed his yoga approach “Integral Yoga” which takes into consideration all aspects of the individual: physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, and social. This approach resonated with me deeply where I recalled a passage in the book titled; The Power of Full Engagement “Managing Energy, not Time is the key to High Performance and Personal Renewal”.

I am energized when I think how interwoven this philosophy is to my yoga practice and my life. Heba has unlocked a door and I am eager and curious to unlock more doors that lead to Enlightenment, Prosperity, and BLISS…


I’m Sara Ackeret, and very soon my name can be followed with: RYT-200. As Heba says, Trust in the fact that you are exactly where you need to be,” and that couldn’t be truer for me as I travel down my yogic path.

I was searching for a yoga teacher training that would allow me to develop my personal practice, as well as learn the necessary tools to effectively share my passion for yoga with others through teaching. During my training interview I felt myself getting choked up while sharing with Heba what yoga means to me. Her response solidified in my heart that I was in fact, exactly where I needed to be.

Throughout my training I feel I have developed a toolbox of skills that I can confidently use, both on and off my mat. The concept that, “the way you deal with challenges on the mat mirrors the way you deal with challenges in your life,” is by far one of the most valuable reflective tools I’ve gained throughout the training.

With ease and grace Heba has created space for us to all grow and evolve. I’m so grateful for the wonder yoga family I now have with 12 other amazing women. Whichever direction our paths take us, I know the bond we now share will never cease.

As for the ability and skills I have gained for teaching yoga, those have yet to begin to unfold. I would love to bring yoga to people and children whom need it the most. I will continue to trust in the fact that I’m exactly where I need to be and that my creative potential is infinite…Everything else will fall into plac



I decided to join yoga teacher training to develop my own good habits and have a working foundation. I also really enjoyed Heba’s yoga classes so I already knew she was a great teacher.
This training elevated my life, my world view and my practice from mediocrity to striving for bliss on the mat and in life. I understand why breathing and making space is so good for the mind, body and spirit; in and out of the studio.

My session which clicked everything together was our discussion of chakras, the numerous veils and maya. What I found most interesting to learn was the mantras and the meaning of the ancient words.

When I teach it will be to the Native American community I work for. My teaching will be karma yoga and a gift from my heart.

My favorite sayings Heba has passed to us is to”Be the observer of the mind; be gentle and nice to yourself with no judgments”

What I love about Heba is she walks the yoga walk and stays true to herself.


My name is Tracy Allison and I have been a licensed massage therapist for the past 10 years and a group fitness instructor for 15 years. I truly enjoy helping and motivating others to achieve a healthy mind body connection.

I felt that taking a yoga teacher training course would only provide me with more knowledge to share with my clients. I also felt that I needed to learn to heal my own injuries from years of high impact fitness training. I am so glad that Hiba has been the one guiding me on this incredible journey. She radiates light and love in all realms of her life. I always looked forward to every class with her because of her insight on all things yoga and the grace and wisdom she shared with each of us.

There have been so many eye opening moments throughout this training. Hiba is incredible at non-reaction in order to move away from ego and into pure-self and spirituality. To combat ego she said “realize you are not the voice in your head, but the one who is aware of it. Become the observer and choose to respond not react.” Learning to integrate non-reaction into my life has been highly beneficial. To be adaptable is to experience bliss!

Heba has been able to provide me with information to reconnect so many aspects of my life, from learning to ground myself with infinite energy, to trusting that I am on the path to embracing my highest good! This whole experience came at the perfect moment in time for me and as Hiba always says “trust the process unfolding before you because you have everything that you need to know at that moment.”

Yoga is all about looking inward to have a deeper awareness of self so that we can help others to heal. Hiba leads by example and is a beacon of healing and light to all that cross her path!
I am forever greal for the friendships that have been created and the knowledge that we have all obtained. I am so excited to see what unfolds for all of us.
Thank you Hiba for your guidance and love.