Graduates Testimonial


I practiced for several years before I decided to dive in and take a YTT. Researched several, was smart about it and took classes from trainers, and as luck would have it, not only did the Body Heat YTT match my schedule, but I happened to like Kelsey's class.

As for the training itself, I was more than satisfied in every way. As I did have a personal practice already, I was afraid it would just be going over asanas that I've done thousands of times, but unlike some other trainings that gloss over the philosophy behind yoga, the BH YTT delved into the other aspects of the 8 limbs. That, and including meditation and pranayama exercises, it was in these aspects that I really did deepen my practice. Another aspect that I liked was that regarding the asanas, sequencing wasn't a one and done workshop, but was instead incorporated throughout the training as new poses we're introduced into our repertoires. If anyone is even slightly interested in becoming a teacher or advancing their practice, I couldn't recommend the BH 200 YTT enough.

Could not have been more happy with my teacher training with Kelsey at Body Heat Yoga!!! easy to work around my schedule, and I learned everything I wanted to and then some and had a great time the whole way through. I HIGHLY recommend this course for anyone looking to learn the ins and outs of being a teacher or even if you just want access to a plethora of knowledge of the practice to further your own. 10/10

Body Heat's Yoga Teacher Training was a perfect fit for me. I can't even begin to describe the depth of our discussions, the detailed explanations of postures, and how easy Kelsey made learning muscles, bones, and Sanskrit! My personal practice previously emphasized the physical workout aspect of westernized yoga, but in learning the philosophy and history of this ancient practice, it deepened my own to become a more mindful and meditative one.

After receiving my books, I peeked through them before we began. It felt overwhelming and almost impossible to learn all the information: muscle names, bones, Sanskrit, sequencing, history, etc. Before I knew it, we were just a couple weeks in and I was already reciting sun salutations completely in Sanskrit and explaining in detail which muscles create which movements as well as the different types of joints. If my high school math teachers taught algebra with the ease and confidence Kelsey expresses in teaching about the body, the philosophy, and the postures of yoga, I might actually have remembered something!

So, whether you want to teach or just deepen your practice, the bottom line is if you're looking for a yoga teacher training program that is extremely educational with a fun atmosphere and a great teacher, Body Heat is the one for you. Not only did I learn so much more than I anticipated, I also made some amazing friends along the way. I am so grateful to Kelsey and everyone else at Body Heat for the welcoming environment and the opportunities I received throughout this program.

Yoga is more than just a practice for Kelsey, it’s the way she lives her life. Her passion radiates through her ability to create a grounding and harmonious energy every where she is. I learned pure simplicity, depths of truth, and the bliss of yoga from her during my 200hr YTT. I still get excited any time we are in the same class because I get to share in on that powerful, yet motivating and fun energy. Kelsey is a phenomenal teacher, friend, student, mentor, and inspiration.