For your first yoga class, be sure to bring a bottle of water, a towel and a yoga mat. If you don’t have these things, no worries, our yoga studios rent towels, mats and sell water.. Be sure to wear fitted exercise clothes, ideally ones that wick away moisture. First-timers should also get to the studio 15 minutes before class starts to meet your yoga instructor and ask any questions. We want to share our one-of-a-kind yoga with everyone, so come to work hard and have fun!

You do not need a reservation for most of our classes. First-timers should arrive 15 minutes before class to meet your yoga instructor and ask questions. If you want to practice during our most popular times (early morning or evening classes), get to the studio about 10-15 minutes early for a spot.

Our classes range in challenge from beginner to more advanced. We recommend those who have never taken yoga before start with a Body Heat (BH1) class. You’ll practice in a less heated and humid studio and explore the yoga postures and fundamental principles of Vinyasa yoga. Depending on your experience, we generally recommend taking 2-4 BH1 classes before taking a Body Heat 2 (BH2) or a Fitness class like Hot Pilates Extreme or Barefoot Bootcamp. We also offer Hot Power Fusion and Candlelight Yin, which are also beginner friendly. During your 10 days for $10 trail period, we encourage you to take at least 3 classes to help you create a solid yoga foundation, so you can reap all the benefits including strength training, focus, stamina and flexibility.

Yoga actually promotes flexibility. You don’t have to be flexible to start doing yoga. During the workday, much of our activity or, lack there of, shortens muscles. Think about how often you either sit at a desk, in your car or at home. Yoga lengthens and expands muscles while helping you release toxins that build up in your body over time. Becoming more flexible is a great benefit of yoga, but the ultimate goal is to live more powerfully in mind, body and spirit. This gain happens regardless of whether or not you can touch your toes!

Yoga can be traced back to ancient India more than 5,000 years ago. Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning to join, or yoke; a union. Conceptually, yoga is the practice of fully uniting the body, mind and spirit.

We are not your typical yoga and pilates studio. Walking into our studio is like walking into a spa. It is cozy and inviting, with an open fire, candles and fresh flowers. We offer both fitness and yoga classes that challenge both mind, body and soul. You’ll work every muscle and every emotion to change your body and your life. We offer a wide range of class offerings so there is means most likely a class that’s perfect for you no matter where you are in your practice.

We highly recommend asking your doctor. They know what’s best for you and your situation

Please fill out our cancelation form. Our memberships have no strings attached. We only require a written 30-day notice prior to next auto pay to cancel. Our emails are answered Monday-Friday 8am-6pm.

A successful yoga practice requires discipline, consistency and commitment. To experience the true benefits of a yoga practice, we recommend practicing yoga four to six days per week. A practice of two to three days per week, if consistent, will create transformation over time. Develop the spirit of repetition and dedication in your yoga practice, and you will see results!

Our yoga instructors often end class with the ancient traditional phrase "Namaste". This gesture is an acknowledgement of one soul to another. "Nama" means bow; "as" means I; and "te" means you. Therefore, Namaste literally means "bow me you" or "I bow to you”. This gesture is a deep form of respect and a wonderful way to seal your yoga practice and hard work.