Class Description

Yoga Platforms


Body Heat 1 - Beginner

Designed for anyone who is new to yoga or is interested in further instruction on postures and breathing, Body Heat 1 is a 60-minute yoga class that will help build strength and flexibility. Classes are taught in a room heated to 100 degrees with minimal humidity. It's a great way to introduce heat into your practice.

All Level Power Vinyasa Yoga

This class is a power flow class geared towards all levels of practitioners. Vinyasa flow has no sequence or rulebook that teachers must follow so there is a lot of room for individual personalities to come through. Expect movement and alignment-oriented. This class is heated between 100-102 with 40% humidity.

Body Heat 2 - Intermediate

Be ready to sweat and move! This rigorous 60-minute yoga class will challenge and energize your mind and body. It promises to elevate your heart rate, tone your muscles and strengthen your core. Set to energizing music in a heated room, this class incorporates the hottest moves for a truly unique and exciting workout. The room temperature is set between 100-103 degrees with 40-50% humidity.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga This method of yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures—a process producing intense internal heat and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs. The result is improved circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm mind. Great for all levels of practitioners! 75 minutes

Body Heat Hot Pilates & Yoga® - Las Vegas & Rocklin

Yoga Sculpt

Body Heat Hot Pilates & Yoga®'s 60-minute yoga class offers a total body workout designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group. Using dumbbells (provided) you will move through a series of poses, or asana, that are linked together in a vinyasa style of flow. This style of yoga will help you build strength, flexibility and balance, plus it's a great way to firm up and tighten your body. This class is carried out in a room heated to 100 degrees with 40% humidity.


Hot Power Fusion

Body Heat Hot Pilates & Yoga®'s 60-minute hot power fusion class incorporates the traditional, more meditative and restorative, 26 static hot yoga poses with an energizing and challenging flow. Taught in a room heated to 103 degrees with 40% humidity, this class offers all the benefits of held postures while adding a modified vinyasa flow to increase the heart rate and build internal heat. Please show up fully-hydrated and ready to sweat! Practitioners of all levels are welcome.


This powerful style of yoga is accessible to students of all levels. Designed by long time practitioner Baron Baptiste, this style of Yoga combines elements of classical Yoga, Ashtanga, Inyengar, and Bikram yoga that brings personal transformation body, mind, and soul.

HOT 26

Body Heat’s Hot 26 Yoga is a set series of 26 static postures, based on the Bikram series, performed in precise order in a room heated to 105 degrees with 40% humidity. This class systematically works and scans the entire focusing on every organ, bone, muscle, joint, ligament, tendon, blood vessel nerve and gland. Incorporating strength, balance, and flexibility. This detoxifying practice will leave you exhilarated while toning every body part. 75 minutes.


This class is designed to detoxify, recharge and restore the body, mind and soul. Set to tranquil music in a heated room lit only with candles, this intimate class will focus on total body awareness and breathing while exploring the meditative qualities of yoga. Melt your stress away with the simplicity and beauty of this gentle healing practice. Room temperature is set between 101-104 degrees with 40% humidity. Practitioners of all levels are welcome and encouraged to join.

Yin Flow

This class is designed to balance the active and passive energies of the body. There will be a fluid portion of the class that focuses on standing, balancing and heat producing asanas. This will facilitate in opening the physical body in a more dynamic way. Yin style poses will be introduced in order to address the more static and subtle parts of the body, such as connective tissues, joints, and bones. The yin aspect allows one to come to place of surrender and acceptance. The student will leave feeling more receptive physically, mentally, and spiritually. This is an hour long class in a heated environment.


This Hot power vinyasa class blends great-energy music with a fun, powerful yoga flow that will inspire you, lift your spirits and expand your vision of what is possible within every breath and beat. Similar to our BH2 class but with BEATS, more of a cardio inspired yoga class. We will be sure to make you move and sweat! Class is 100-102 with 40% humidity.

Fitness Classes

Body Heat Hot Pilates & Yoga® - Las Vegas & Rocklin

Hot Pilates Extreme

Body Heat Hot Pilates & Yoga®'s 60-minute hot pilates class blends the elements of traditional mat pilates and our much more contemporary hot pilates. The class offers a method of exercise and physical movement designed to stretch, strengthen, and sculpt the body as well as challenge and strengthen the cardiovascular system. This class is taught in a room heated to 100 degrees and 40% humidity to help the body stretch, detoxify and provide for an invigorating workout. It combines high intensity intervals and circuit training as well as pilates all perfectly choreographed to high energy and upbeat music to make you feel motivated, powerful and sexy!

Body Heat Hot Pilates & Yoga® - Las Vegas & Rocklin

Barefoot Bootcamp

This 60-minute class is designed to burn fat and blast calories. It's a total body workout that is carried out barefoot on a mat. This is a fun, high-energy class that consists of a warm up, high intensity cardio with tabadas and hand weights are incorporated to strength and tighten muscles, followed by some abs and a light cool down. The room temperature will be set at 98-101 degrees with 30-40% humidity. Plan to sweat like crazy while working every muscle group!



To shape up and get fit, building muscle tissue is essential. To burn calories and lose weight, only high intensity cardiovascular exercises will do. That's why we're offering a combination of both! Body Heat Bootcamp comprises of a high intensity interval routine on the treadmill followed by vigorous strength training on a mat. This room, while non-heated, promises to make you sweat. Music is loud, lights are dim…just like a nightclub! This class is only offered at Body Heat West Side location.

Competitive Bootcamp

This class class offers a full-body workout combined with elements of cardio, core training and lifting free weights. This high intensity workout is always varied and there are never two of the same workouts. The exercises are timed and students compete with each other for the best possible times. This class is done in the heat with humidity.


No Light Weights here! This hour long class is an extensive muscle building and core sculpting class that promotes anabolic training. This class will push your whole body to the limits while the heat detoxifies you. If your looking for a class that will build you naturally, tighten your core or just give you an all around maximum workout to the extreme. This is the class for you!!!!

Booty Barre

This non-impact 60 minute workout utilizes the Barre and light weights to give you a total body workout that lifts your booty, tones your thighs, abs and arms to create longer, leaner, and more graceful body. Room is set to 100 degrees with 40% humidity.

Cardio Barre

No dance experience necessary in this high-energy cardio infused class that integrates interval training with muscle-shaping isometrics to quickly and safely reshape your entire body utilizing the Barre and light weights in a continual fat burning motion.

Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio kickboxing is a combination of dance and martial arts. This class is a high intensity, high energy class that focuses on cardiovascular fitness, tone muscles and shred your abs if you practice consistently with power. This class is fun and set to loud music and challenging. Yes, we do it in the heat with humidity.