The Importance of Beneficial Bacteria: An Overview

A human body is like a planet inhabited by huge numbers of various micro-creature (Yes, you have microscopic critters living in and on you at all times). In Fact, the diversity and richness of this life can rival even life on Earth itself! Inside of our digestive system, on our skin, in and around our eyes, the respiratory and excretory (elimination) organs are happily co-existing with trillions of invisible lodgers. This makes one large ecosystem of macro- and micro-life, living together in harmony. Our bodies live in a symbiotic relationship, where neither party can live without the other (Just like you and your partner or yoga studio—except on a way smaller level)

Empty Promises: Feeling misled by labels?

What exactly are you getting in your 100 percent beef burgers, bottle of juice or “light” spread? It’s hard to be sure. Screaming for your attention on most packaging are ingredient list, panels listing calories, fat and other nutritional information, and claims like “low fat” and “heart healthy”. While government guidelines regulate what manufacturers can say on packaging, the laws often allow ambiguous and, in some cases, downright misleading labels and claims.

Henderson Studio: Yogis of the Month

Richard and Sora Gallant have been members of Body Heat for 2 years now, and boy are we the lucky ones! Their positive attitudes and smiling faces bring such great energy to our studio daily.

You can see them usually in Dana's tue/thur classes- Noon sculpt or 115 bh2, and if you've caught them on a good day they're doing DOUBLE D's(doubling up!) We are happy to be the home studio of Rick & Sora!

Henderson Studio: Instructor of the Month

Ian Harvey is Henderson's Studio's instructor of the month, this October. Growing up in Southern California, Ian spent much of his time in the water. Body Surfing, Boogie Boarding, and Surfing from the age of 5 years old, progressed into competitive swimming at the age of 8. At 13 years of age he was introduced to the game of water polo and excelled to the collegiate level in both Swimming and Water polo.

Las Vegas Studio: Couple Yogi of the month

Ryan and Philppa Fryman
Ryan first found BodyHeat after yoga was recommended by his physical therapist to help recover from a back and neck injury. I then joined too and practicing together has become a very rewarding part of our lives. The mind body connection I have found through yoga has changed all aspects of my life for the better, it's amazing how as you build strength you begin to believe in your own potential.

Rocklin Studio: Featured Yogi of the month

I picked body heat because I love to sweat and those who have walked behind me after a class can attest to that. Also the variety of classes are awesome I am able to workout to exhaustion in Joey's bootcamp and then relax or sleep through Jessica's candlelight (because it's relaxing not boring!).

My favorite classes are ALL OF THEM! I love Joey's bootcamp class because it has strengthen my foundation with his legs workouts that seem to last for hours.