New Student Tips

If you are New to Yoga or fitness, welcome! You have made a life changing decision that will improve your strength, flexibility and give you more calmness. We recommend all students new to Body Heat start with Body Heat 1- Intro to Power Yoga. This class will provide you with the basic tools to help you further your practice and try our other platforms.

Explore our classes for 30 days for $30. You may sign up online or arrive 15 minutes before class and sign up at the studio. Please be prepared to show local I.D. or a current utility bill if you recently moved. At Body Heat you do not need to pre-register on-line for classes. We offer many classes throughout the day that our class sizes are usually never too large.

Show up with an open mind. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Give yourself 5 classes to get comfortable as you will be using new muscles in different way and be prepared to be sore. Do not be afraid of the heat as it helps detoxification and warms up the muscles. Do not eat anything 4 hours before taking class. You will be uncomfortable and not enjoy the true experience.

Bring a mat, towel and water to every class (memberships do include mat and towel service). Wear clothes that are comfortable and move freely. Do not wear baggy clothing and cotton isn’t recommended as you are going to sweat.

During class remember this is your own practice and there are no judgments. Take a rest or lie down on your back or belly if you need too. Do not pay attention to other students, do what works for you at the present moment. Some days we have more strength than others. Listen to your body. We are here to guide and help you along the way.